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About The Product

2.75” Ear-bud Organizer is found right here in Black & White


So simple to use!

Pop Coil open, wrap the cables on the spool, and tuck your ear-buds inside. Snap coil shut. No more tangled cables, slips easily into pocket, purse, briefcase or backpack.

headphones-on-coilThe 2.75” Earbud Model
Designed with earphones in mind, the 2.75” Coil model encloses the ear-buds when not in use, and is perfect for cellphones, Mp3 players, digital recorders, and other portable listening devices. The Ear-bud model keeps your connector cords tangle-free, allows you to use only as much cord as you need when in use, and protects the delicate speakers when they are in your briefcase, purse or pocket.

Shipped with a pair of self-adhesive hook and loop “coins”, the 2.75” model Coil is easily attached to your automobile’s dashboard, visor or steering column, keeping your ear-buds conveniently accessible for hands-free driving. Coil is easily removed and carried with you when you leave the car.

Coil-3-itemsOrganize all your digital gizmos!

Coil does more than just Earbuds
Especially handy when setting up or taking down peripherals such as cameras, printers, scanners, digital projectors, public address microphones and synching your smartphone with your computer. Though small and compact, the 2.75” model has an amazing capacity! It holds up to four feet of unneeded, unsightly lengths of USB, and other connector cables or power cords neatly contained in the 2.75” model.






In the Kitchen

Organize unsightly small appliance cords. Great for power cords on those you put in the cupboard between uses.

In the Bathroom

Control the cords for charging bases for all sorts of hand held appliances

In the Shop

Perfect for Battery Charger units

While Traveling

Keeps your portable office neat and easy to set up and take down.

Coil is produced and packaged with a simple guideline: “Our product should last forever, but our packaging should not.” No plastic or other non-biodegradable materials are used in the packaging.

Coil is assembled and packaged for shipping and retail by a team of individuals with disabilities. People with special needs deserve the dignity of a regular job and a regular place of employment, where they can interact with other members of the community they live in. We are happy to provide this opportunity to our employees, and they are very proud of the work they do. So are we!

Our cord organizer enables portability of devices.