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For about four years, I was doing a lot of traveling as a consultant working with Budweiser, Spaulding, Publix Stores, Thorlos Socks, and others. It was on and off planes, in and out of hotel rooms and research facilities; setting up and taking down my portable office five or six times a day and the constant tangle of USB, power, and ear-bud cables were driving me nuts.

Sitting on a plane, wanting to work on a piece in my digital recorder, I reached into my briefcase and pulled out black spaghetti again! I had tried twisty ties, clever little velcro straps, the cute little bags some headsets come with (always impossible to re-pack the way they did at the factory – in China), my daughter’s elastic hair bands, and a variety of marlinspikesman-like attempts to coil and twist the cords themselves into manageable “knots” trying to control the mess. Nothing seemed to keep them from finding each other and co-mingling. Ear-bud cables were the worst.

I mumbled, “There has to be a better way.” and bam! It hit me all at once. Over the next few weeks, I reworked the design on paper to make it look sleeker and to fit the hand more comfortably. I did not want to follow the advice received from many: “Take it offshore, it will be cheaper.” I wanted to help create and maintain jobs in the USA; especially near my home in Wyoming, where I discovered local manufacturers who were thrilled to help bring a new product to the market.



Say “Hello” to the Coil Critter!
When we were kids, Gumby was on television every Saturday morning. He was always resourceful and innovative when it came to solving problems. Coil is like that, too. So our friends were inspired to create the Coil Critter as a companion for our website.

We hope you enjoy meeting the Coil Critter and look forward to his adventures as much as we do! Please feel free to share the Coil Critter with your friends on other social media sites. You’ll help us spread the word about Coil.


I love this thing, it fits in your pocket so easily, as a woman I don’t like bulky things in my pocket and this works awesome for the pocket and the briefcase. I want to buy one for everyone I know.
Since I’m always looking to “organize my life” in general, I picked one of these little beauts up – it is fantastic! I keep my phone charger cable in it, can always find it in my purse or bag, never have to un-knot the cable & the cable is completely contained when I set it on my desk or the kitchen counter. Could definitely use more of these!
I use this for charging my iPod and iPad, and it really cleans up my desk. I also use it in my computer bag to keep wires organized.
I travel often and my Coils help to keep good order in my computer bag. Set up in hotels is a snap, with the simple and effective Coils (I have 5 put to good use) packing is quick and easy too. At home it keeps my desk cleared (alright…for other clutter) and more useful. Made in the USA too!

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